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Aleman....You are looking for affordable and highly professional Spanish lessons in the amazing city of Cusco? Either if you are interested in just a few sessions of Survival Spanish , or you want to really be immersed in the Spanish language and local culture to give a great impulse to your Spanish – especially toyour listening and speaking skills – The Intensity Spanish Club is ‘ your man’ and Cusco the place to be.

Cusco is a small and lovely city full of local Peruvian traditions, yet in its way totally cosmopolitan and full of trendy and bars and restaurants, souvenir shops, plaza’s, cozy cafes, travel agencies and others...

The Intensity Spanish Club

Aleman... is specialized in individual Spanish language training there where the language is spoken: in a Spanish speaking country (Peru), indeed, and there were the local people are: on the street!
Our individual Spanish lessons take place in a bar, in a restaurant, in a shop, at the market, on a square, in the middle of the people and it’s culture. Our Spanish lessons not only SOUND Spanish but they also LOOK and SMELL and FEEL Spanish and include interaction with local people. And as we do not need a school building nor other infrastructure ,our Spanish lessons are totally affordable. Not to say: cheap.

The old Inca Town Cusco

... is located at 3400 above sea level, high up in the Peruvian Andes and is the gateway to all excursions to the famous Inca ruins Machu Picchu including the Inca Trail. With approx. 300.000 inhabitants it was the capital of the old Inca Empire and only a one hour flight from the Peruvian capital Lima. The city itself is absolutely gordeous, with it’s mostly clear blue sky, small cobbled stoned streets, colonial buildings and churches, part of it built on impressive Inca foundations. It is now one of the travellers hubs of South America and definitely a great choice for those who want to settle down for a while.

Accommodation options in Cusco

... are varied and of great quality and for all budgets. We gladly contact you with the accommodation of your choice which can vary from low budget dorm accommodation, to local host families, to lovely two or three, or luxurious four or five. Cusco has it all.

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