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Who are we

The Intensity Spanish Club in Cusco is a young group of people from different nationalities, that realized that the Spanish Schools in Cusco and in Peru – or at least most of them – are good, but offering a lot of extra activities you are not necessarily looking for when you simply want to learn Spanish and be part of Peruvian life. And of course, you are paying for all those services you might not want, as well for a school building, the administration staff, etc.! On top of that we consider that the formal setting of a classroom is NOT the best way to learn and to speak Spanish!

That’s why we started the Intensity Spanish Club and here we are with totally affordable (not to say: cheap!), professional individual and semi-individual Spanish lessons, at all levels, for all ages.

You’ll be immersed in Peruvian culture and explore the city and the culture with your Spanish teacher; at our meeting point, we’ll introduce you to other students so you can meet up later to go for a drink together.

Our teachers are not only Spanish teachers, they are your personal guides as well and great friends.

So why study with us?? Why not?

For more info about our Spanish method and our Spanish Teachers :

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